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Packing materials
We are dealing in products of packing materials.
We provide from the standard goods to the custom-made items collectively regardless of the amount.
Please contact us even if the order is urgent or a large quantity!
stretch film  tape
We are dealing in abundant kinds of packing and labeling materials for business use, including cardboard boxes. We consider contents, the use situation, etc. and propose your best packing and labeling materials with various goods. Please entrust the packing and labeling materials to us. We bring the best one for protecting your important goods to you!
Since we deal in all things you required collectively, it is easy to carry and to manage costs.
Handling packing materials list

■Tapes for packing

Craft tapes, fabric tapes, straight-cut varnished cloth tapes, adhesive tapes, polyethylene tapes, vinyl tapes, masking tapes, etc.

■Films for packing and business use

Stretch films, polypropylene bands, polypropylene bags with zipper, shopping bags, business-use garbage bags and laminated films

■Cardboard boxes and package materials

Various cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and folding containers
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