Hello, everyone!
Tanaka Shoji isa trading company based in Osaka, Japan.
We deal in stationery, office automation equipments, telecommunication equipments, general goods, and packing materials.
And we also deal in heavy machinery and equipments accompanying it. We can deal with every service.
We import goods from China, and we export goods to China.
We have an associated company of distribution, so we can work 24hours everyday.
In our warehouse, we're in charge of picking, delivery, shipping, and data management with information technology.
As a recent trend, companies in Japan draft plans of goods in Japan, and manufacture in other countries.
Many goods appearing in Japan are made in China.
In Japan, it is no exaggeration to say that there're more goods made in China than in Japan.
Let's start global business with Tanaka Shoji !

We make efforts to be helpful for you. Please inquire us any time.

Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ...etc,we're expanding the network in China

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